Creating CDs with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5

    All of the cluster Dell and Omnitech computers have the capability for an individual to create his or her own data or music CDs. Creating CDs (or "burning") has never been easier, and can be done from any of computer classrooms or labs on campus. Following this brief introduction are some easy steps for creating your own CDs!

    First things first - an explanation of the different types of writeable CDs.

    There are two different types of writeable CDs: CD-R and CD-RW. CD-R CDs allow you to write to them only once, but you can read from the CDs over and over again. CD-RW CDs allow you to rewrite on the CD many times, as well as read from them an unlimited number of times. Both types of CDs can be used with Easy CD Creator 5, just make sure that you don't write to a CD-R more than once!

    How do I create a CD using Easy CD Creator 5?

    1. First, you need to launch Easy CD Creator 5. Click on Start, go to All Programs, and then go to Easy CD Creator 5. From this folder, select the option called Project Selector, and then move your mouse over the button next to make a data CD, so that the screen below appears.


    1. Click on data CD project, so that you get the screen below.


    1. The drop-down box labeled Select source files has a list of all the drives located on your computer, and all the files in the first level of that drive are displayed in the top explorer window.  Go to the drive and the location where the data you want to put on the CD is located.  In this example, the data is located on my H: drive, in my My Documents folder. 


    1. Highlight the files in the explorer window that you would like copied onto your CD.  You can highlight all of the files in a folder by clicking on the first file in the upper right window, holding down the Shift key, and then clicking on the last file.  You can also select files by holding down the Ctrl key, and clicking on the files you want to select.  Then click on the Add button to add your selected files to the CD layout, as shown below:



    1. When you are finished adding files to your CD, you can start creating the CD by clicking on the red Record button. A box titled Record CD Setup will then appear, like the screen below, and you then click on the Start Recording button to start "burning" your CD.



    Note: If you are using a CD-RW that you have used before, a screen like the one below will appear. Click on Yes to continue.



    1. Easy CD Creator 5 will then test the file transfer rate on your computer. After that is finished, the software will start copying data onto your CD.



    1. When Easy CD Creator 5 has completed copying files onto your CD, click on OK to continue. If a screen asking you to save a file appears, click on No to go back to the explorer window. Then exit out of the explorer window, and out of the Select a Project screen, and you have successfully created a CD using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.