Trumper Computer Center was designed as a workspace for students to study and use the computers available. Trumper cannot be reserved for activities (social or academic). The space also may not be used for classes or meetings.

    The Trumper Computer Center is intended to be accessible for students twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week when classes are in session. When classes are not in session, the computer cluster is available when the library is open.

    Trumper cannot be reserved for classes or other activities. While small study groups are welcome to meet in the lounge area of Trumper, formal meetings in the lounge area are not permitted because they can disrupt the students studying and working in the cluster.

    The only times the Trumper Computer Center is not available to students within the times mentioned above are when the Cluster Consultants are receiving training (one or two Saturdays during the academic year) and when the computer hardware in Trumper is being upgraded (one week in the summer).

Last Modified August 2, 2022