The HP LaserJet M4345/M4555 printers in the following locations have the ability to scan documents and send them as PDF attachments to Saint Mary's e-mail accounts:

    • Madeleva 353
    • Regina 168
    • Spes Unica 336
    • Science 134

    E-mails from these printers will be from:

    • Madeleva 353 LaserJet
    • Regina 168 LaserJet
    • Spes Unica 336 LaserJet
    • Science 134 LaserJet

    The HP LaserJet M4345/M4555 printer scans in color, but is only able to print in black and white.

    As a reminder, you should not open e-mail attachments that you are not expecting for security reasons. You may wish to send scanned documents to your personal Saint Mary's e-mail address and then forward the attachment to others with a personalized message.

    If you do not receive your scanned document, please check your Spam folder in Google Mail - the message may be there.

    To scan documents and send them as PDF attachments with the HP LaserJet M4345/M4555 printer:

    1. Gently lift the flatbed cover of the HP LaserJet M4345 printer open.
    2. Place the page you want scanned on the glass, with a corner of the top of the document in the upper left section of the scanner (indicated by an arrow). You can scan multiple-page documents by placing the pages face-up in the feeder tray on the top of the printer. It will scan the pages and compile them into a single PDF.
    3. On the HP LaserJet M4345 printer's display, tap on the E-mail icon.
    4. On the screen that appears, tap on the empty To: field.
    5. Type in your Saint Mary's e-mail address (or the Saint Mary's e-mail address you wish to send the scanned file to). The printer can only send scans to Saint Mary's e-mail addresses.
    6. Tap the OK button after the e-mail address has been entered.
    7. When asked if you want to add the address to the "local" address book, tap No.
    8. Push the green Start button on the printer to have your document scanned and e-mailed.
    9. If you wish to scan additional documents to the same address, click Yes to continue with your current settings.
    10. If you are finished scanning, or you wish to start the process again with a different address, click No.

Last Modified March 1, 2022