List of Math Labs for Joanne Snow's Talk

MAA Summerfest August 2005

These are labs (called "Activities" within the course structure) used at Saint Mary's by Charlie Peltier during the last couple of years - sorted by courses. These are all Microsoft Word (.doc) files - most are 2 pages, but some are longer.

Math 115 - Calculus for Life Sciences - Fall 2004

MATH 115 ACTIVITY 5: Rate of change: Introduction, average and exact (instantaneous) rate of change

Math 116 - Calculus for Life Sciences II [Includes introduction to Statistics] - Spring 2005

MATH 116 ACTIVITY 3: Area between curves and the definite integral

MATH 116 ACTIVITY 6: Understanding Relationships between data - scatterplots and correlation

MATH 116 ACTIVITY 8: The binomial and near-binomial probability situation [table, parameters, use]

Math 251 - Principles of Operations Research - Fall 2004

MATH 251 ACTIVITY 1: Formulating Linear Programming models, Solution concepts

Math 361 - Geometry - Fall 2003

Math 361 ACTIVITY 2: Some work with the taxicab distance

Math 361 ACTIVITY 3: Angle Measure and the protractor Axiom: Some proofs

Math 361 ACTIVITY 7: Developing and proving a conjecture using Sketchpad

Math 361 ACTIVITY 8: The incircle: Describing processes [using Sketchpad]

Math 361 ACTIVITY 11: The two-chord, secant-tangent , and two-secant theorems

Math 438 - Mathematical Programming - Fall 2004

Math438 ACTIVITY 9: Graphical Solution of Linear Programming Problems

Math438 ACTIVITY 10: An algebraic search method for solving LP problems

Math438 ACTIVITY 17: Post Optimality Analysis [Sensitivity Analysis]

Math438 ACTIVITY 25: Constrained Optimization: Equality Constraints

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