MATH 116: Calculus for the Life Sciences II

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This is the second semester of a two-semester sequence (MATH115-116)which fulfills the calculus requirement for students majoring in Biology. The content of the course is split into two sections. For the first half of the semester, the course continues the study of methods and applications of calculus, with a focus on the topics and interpretations useful in biology; sufficient mathematical (theoretical) detail will be developed for this purpose. The second half of the semester is an introduction to statistics, equivalent to a standard three - hour introductory course.

This page will be occasionally updated to provide access to documents for the course, but most access will be through the Blackboard site. Students enrolled in the class can login with own ID & password - others may login as "guest" with password "guest" but will not have access to all features

For dates, course requirements, etc. see the current/most recent syllabus (Spring 2013)

Here is the current list of assignments.

Reference materials for statistical calculations:

Minitab manual: Describes use of the statistical package for this course [Minitab]

Calculators: Describes use of popular calculators for statistical calculations

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