Introduction to MINITAB in the Saint Mary's Microcomputer Lab

III. Saving your own data and retrieving worksheets

The data (values for variables) you have entered are saved in worksheets. (For information on other files types, see 0.General Information . For information on saving the results of your work, see VI Saving and printing your work).

Note that Minitab has several open and save commands. The commands discussed here are for saving and opening worksheets - individual data files. The "Open Project" and "Save Project As..." commands do not work quite the same way [they are used for saving collections of related files], and will not let you see Worksheets.

To save the data in your current Data window, click on the data window to make it the active window and select File>Save Current Worksheet As. . . ; (Remember you don't want "Save Project As...") Make sure you are saving in your own filespace or on your own disk. You need to give the worksheet a name by typing it in the appropriate panel. Minitab will attach .MTW to the end.

If this is a worksheet you saved before, the name will be there already (and you can use the File>Save Current Worksheet command - you won't have to use the dialogue box). Saving with the same name will completely replace the old version of the worksheet with the version in the current Worksheet window - change the name if you do not want to completely replace the old worksheet. When you save the worksheet, Minitab will attach the "extension" .MTW to the name , indicating it is a Minitab worksheet. [Remember you cannot print worksheets - but can print the data window with the Print Window command].

To open a previously saved worksheet, use the File>Open Worksheet... command (If you try to use "File>Open Project" you will not be able to see any of the worksheets and may think they are not present). You will need to find your disk or filespace. The panel listing files will show only folders (directories) and Minitab worksheets, since this command can't open any other kind of file. Remember that Minitab worksheets have .MTW at the end of the file name.

Opening a new worksheet will put it on the screen in front of the current worksheet. You will have to remember which worksheet you are using for any commands [This is one place where naming the variables helps a lot].


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