Using Weekly Laboratory Sessions to Stimulate Student Discussion

Miami Mathematics Conference September 26, 2009

Charlie Peltier
Saint Mary’s College
Notre Dame, IN


The handout (includes abstract and outline of talk) (.doc format)

The Power-Point slides (.ppt format)

The criteria for team roles (.pdf format)

The description (for students ) from the Math 104 syllabus

Examples of activities from various courses (most in .pdf format)

Finite Mathematics (Math104) Activity 2 Fall 2009

Introduction to Statistics (Math 114) Activity 4 Spring 2009

Mathematical Programming (Math 438) Activity 13 Fall 2008 (this course runs with an activity each class, rather than one per week)

Principles of Operations Research (Math 251/Buad 427) Activity 3 Fall 2009

Geometry (Math 361) Activity 3 Fall 2009 (An example of a too-long activity)

Index of all activities for Calculus for Life Sciences (Math 115 - 116) Fall 2005- Spring 2006 (topic changes to statistics at mid-term Spring. I was still using the Journals at this time) (These are .doc format)

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