We don't need an extraoordinary range of supplies for this course.

Note that some photographic materials may not be returned after they are purchased (especially print paper). If you are not certain that you are purchasing the correct materials, DO NOT do so. Please see your instructor before making any purchase you are uncertain about.

For greater clarity a list of required materials annotated with photographic images is presented here:

A. Textbook:

Photography: The Essential Way by Barbara London, Jim Stone & John Upton
Pearson/Prentice-Hall (ISBN 978-0-13-614276-8).

This text is not required for the course, only recommended. We will be using it in Photo I, Photo II and Photo III as well as this course so if you plan to take other course in photo you may want to purchase it.

C. Black mat board. Do not purchase this board until specifically instructed to do so.You will be using this board for constructing a small pinhole camera.

D. White mat board. You will be using this board for mounting your photo assignments. You will need the equivalent of 18 sheets which are 11" X 14" in size. Generally I recommend that you buy larger sheets of matboard and then cut them down to 11" X 14". You may purchase your board precut but it is often quite costly that way.

E. you will need one X-acto knife with a No. "11" blade and a metal straight edge (if lab ruler walks away). You will need these tools for mounting your prints.

F. Bienfang drymount tissue. The package design for this product is slightly different than shown here. The tissue should be the 8" X 10" in size and you should purchase a 25 sheet package. You will not need the full 25 sheets and may want to purchase this packet with one of your classmates and share the materials.

You may also purchase an offbrand substutue for the Bienfang product called "One Drymount Tissue" (see photo below). I can't gurantee availability of this at all stores but it is a bit less expensive if you can find it and past students have said it works well

B. You will be submitting some assignments in the form of digital prints for this course. We will be discussing the various ways that you can acquire your prints in class. Please be aware that you will need about $25-$40 to pay for the prints you will be creating (possibly more if costs escalate).

Supplies required for Introduction to Digital Photography
















































You may employ any type of digital camera that you wish in this course (from sophisticated Digital SLR, Compact Digital Camera to Camera Phone but you must be able to download images from any camera that you use and the image resolution of the camera/device should not be less than 2 Megapixels. You are resposnible for having the appropriate cables, connectors, etc.

Please remember to bring the handbook for your camera with you to campus. If we have important questions regarding the operation of your camera the handbook may prove invaluable.


IIf you have any questions regarding the suitability of your camera for this course please contact your instructor at your earliest opportunity.










G. You will need to have some sort of media storage capabilities to back up the images you create for this course. A larger format Flash Drive (minimum 2 Gigabytes) or a portable hard drive will fulfill your needs in this regard.