Your course outline lists the materials required for this course. Note that some photographic materials may not be returned after they are purchased (especially film and paper). If you are not certain that you are purchasing the correct materials, DO NOT do so. Please see your instructor before making any purchase you are uncertain about.

For those of you in Photo II many of these materials will be very familiar. The primary change here is that you will need some larger photo papers for printing and that you will be completing some of your work in digital mode this semester.

Although much of this is familiar a list of required materials annotated with photographic images is presented here:

A. Textbook: Photography by London, Upton et al (7th Edition).
(OPTIONAL - you do not have to purchase this text. It is available in bookstore)

This is the same textbook as in Photo I. We will be workling with additional chapters in this text during Photo II. If you don't have a copy see if anyone from Photo I might be selling theres.

B. Darkroom Towel (mandatory)

Please note that you should have an older towel (a kitchen type towel is perfect for this purpose). With repeated use this towel may need washing. In the event that you do wash this towel DO NOT launder it with regular clothing. It must be washed seperately or the residue of chemicals in the towel may transfer to other clothing. This can cause an undesirable odor or stains in clothing washed with your photo lab towel.

C. Plastic negative sleeves Please be sure to purchase the five frame variety of negative sleeves. Some negative sleeves take six negatives acroos but these do not fit well into most folders, ring binders, etc.

D. Dusting device (brush, ear syringe or canned air). There are numerous devices which you may use to clean your negatives. You will need either canned air (not pictured) or a blowing device to clean loose duct off your negatives. An inexpensive option for this purpose is to purchase an ear syringe (1 or 2 ). These are usually available at your local drugstore. Some photography stores sell combination blower / brushes ( 3 ) - unfortunately the blowers on these devices are often too weak to be of much practical use. A soft camel-hair brush (4) which comes with cosmetics but which has not been used can be very effective for dislodging dust from your negatives.

E. Printing paper - You are going to need some 8 X10, 11X14 and 20 X 24 black & White print paper for this course. I will give you information about what types we will use but note that you will generally want to purchase papers with a "glossy" surface. Ilford still makes one of the best B/W papers for photographers but there price is generally a bit highter than others

As I mentioned above you will also need to purchase some 11" X 14" print paper (I would project that you will need about 25 sheets) and 16" X 20" print paper (I would project that you will need about 15 sheets) for this class. Keep in mind that you will also need to pay for 20" X 24" and mural paper (about $10-15).

F. You will need to purchase one 100' roll of Kodak Plus-X B/W film. You may sharee this film with your classmates tokeep supply costs low

I still reccomend that you work with Plus-X film for the course. Since we will be printing larger we will need as much resolution as we can get in our negatives. If, however, you would like to work with some other film such as Tri-X, T-Maxx,or Ilford film etc. you may do so. Feel free to check with me if you have questions.

H. White mat board. You will be using this board for mounting your photo assignments. You will need the equivalent of 18 sheets which are 11" X 14" in size. Generally I recommend that you buy larger sheets of matboard and then cut them down to 11" X 14". You may purchase your board precut but it is often quite costly that way.

G. Spotting brushes / spotting pens. You will only need to purchase a spotting brush if those which are supplied in the photography studios are removed. These brushes are quite small and have a very small tip. They are quite costly for their sze.

I. you will need one X-acto knife with a No. "11" blade and a metal straight edge (if lab ruler walks away). You will need these tools for mounting your prints.

J. Snap caps - These look very much like the cassettes your regular film came in. You will use these when you "bulk load" your own film. You will need about four of these cassettes. Some of these snap caps are made of metal and have a metal caps that "clicks" into place. Some are plastic and the cap screws on.

K. Bienfang drymount tissue. The package design for this product is slightly different than shown here. You will need tissue sizes to accomodate the sizes of prints which you are doing. Since we will be printing large format you will need some larger format drymount tissue - i.e. 11" X 14", 16" X 20", etc..

L. Assignment folder - this is the simple type of folder that may be purchased in the school supply section of your local drugstore or discount house. The folder must have two pockets in it and it would be helpful if it included binder clasps so that you may keep your negative sleeves in the folder as well.

M. 18” Metal straight edge (ruler) and one roll of masking tape. You may need a metal straight edge if those provided in the lab are missing or in use. You will need a small quantity of masking tape when you are bulkloading your film.

N. Dark room key. You will need to have a key to access the labs for this course. All photography labs are to be kept closed and locked when not in use. After I sublit your name for approval you will be able to get your key at the Cashier's window in the Business Office. You will be asked to pay a $25.00 deposit which will be returned to you when you return the key. If you do not return your key by the last class day of the semester your grades may be held by the Registrar's Office.

P. We will printing some assignment images in the darkroom and others digitally. Please be certain to have about $30 available to cover the cost of various digital prints for the course. More information about printing options will be presented in class.

In addition to purchasing these supplies you will need to select a storage locker. These lockers are located on the basement level near the darkrooms. Please select a locker for storing your personal property and materials (remember that your assignment drawer is for that only - assignments!). You will need to provide your own lock for this locker.

Supplies required for Photo II