Your course outline lists the materials required for this course. The basic supplies for this course are pretty much the same as for Art 125 Silkscreen. Further down I mention a few of the newer elements you may require. As before, please see your instructor before making any purchase you are uncertain about.


For greater clarity the list of required materials for Art 323 Photo-Silkscreen is presented herein annotated form annotated with photographic images:

A. Textbook

There is NO textbook for this course.

We will be doing some general readings on color from the text below. You are NOT required to purchase this text.

If you are interested in looking at some additional texts in preparation for this course you may want to consider the following:

Henning, Roni. 1994, Screenprinting: water-based techniques, Watson-Guptill Publications, New York.

Johnson, Lois M and Hester Sinnot. 1990, Water-based Inks: A screenprinting manual for studio and classroom, University of the Arts Press, Philadelphia.

Stephens, John. 1987 1996, Screen Process Printing: second edition, BluePrint, London.

Some websites with interesting Photo-Silkscreen content are:

This site is not about screen print per se. Rather it is the PanTone site - a world leader in the color sciences. This page reflects the sophisticated nature of their involvment with the ever changing landscape of color (or Colour if you are from the UK).

The above link is to a site for "Women's Studio Workshop" a collaborative workspace for women in New York State. It gives you a little bit of an idea of what other working screen studios look like

Check out this printmaking studio as documented on an artist's blog.

B. Apron

It is obvious that the screenprint process can be a messy one. Plan on wearing older clothes to class - the type that if they were ruined you wouldn't be concerned. In addition you must have an apron to protect yourself and your clothing.

C. Spatula (mandatory)

You will need one of these for mixing inks. A medium size spatula is fine.

D. Putty Knife / Ink Knife with 2" blade (mandatory)

In the hardware store these will most likely be referred to as a "putty knife". You only need a blade that is 2" wide (the blade illustrated is 3" wide). Avoid purchasing a plastic "putty knife". Be certain that the unit you purchase has a metal blade.

E. One pair of C-Clamps (mandatory)

You will need c-clamps with a minimum 2" jaw (that is the opening of the c-clamp must be at least 2" across). You will need these clamps to secure your screen in place for printing.

F. Printing Paper

You will need aproximately $5.00 - 10.00 to purchase special printing papers for the class.

G. Various brushes (mandatory)

Plan on having two or three small inexpensive paintbrushes to use in class. DO NOT bring good quality paint brushes because the materials you will be using with these brushes might ruin them. Check at a local hardware store for these brushes rather than an art supply store. You might want to get a 1" wide cheap paintbrush along with these small brushes.


I. X-Acto knife (mandatory)

You will need one X-acto knife with a No. "11" blade and a metal straight edge (if lab ruler walks away). You will need these tools for mounting your prints.

L. Tape (mandatory)

You will need one roll of 1" wide masking tape. You will be using this tape in various ways in conjunction with your actual printing.

M. Register pins (mandatory)

Register pins are used by printmakers to align their paper in conjunction with the printing of various colors. Two of these pins will be provided to you and you have to pay a $5.00 deposit which will be returned to you at the end of the semester when you turn in your pins.

N. One medium and one large aluminum screen frames

We will be learning to print on a variety of surfaces this semster Youu will need at least two screens for these projects (one larger and the other smaller as defined by your instructor). The prestretched screens will need a medium mesh. You may continue to use your screen from your first semester of silkscreen if you desire.

O. One pair of rubber gloves (mandatory)

You will need to provide a pair of rubber gloves for yourself to use in conjunction with various cleaning processes required in silkscreen printing.

P. Dark room key. You will need to have a key to access the screen exposure lab (Room 162) for this course. All photography labs are to be kept closed and locked when not in use. After I submit your name for approval you will be able to get your key at the Cashier's window in the Business Office. You will be asked to pay a $15.00 deposit which will be returned to you when you return the key. If you do not return your key by the last class day of the semester your grades may be held by the Registrar's Office.

H. White matboard (mandatory)

You will be learning how to mat your screen prints and will need matboard for this purpose. You will need approximately two sheets that are 32" X 40" in size. You can purchase matboard at the SMC bookstore, the ND bookstore and at local stores such as Hobby Lobby, etc.

J. Metal straight edge (mandatory)

An inexpensive metal yardstick from the drugstore will do. You will need a metal rule that measures a minimumof 24".

K. Scissors

A pair of scissors may be helpful in conjunction with various projects in the course.

Supplies required for Photo-Silkscreen