Digital Divide

We used to tech-talk analog

dubbing music underneath

reception laughter on the wedding video.

Still I trailed my son from far for months.

I helped assist the cable transfer

from titler to mixer, from VCR

to camcorder, from editor to monitor,

awash in dangling videographic speak.

Gradually I seemed to gain

mastering the cuts from fades,

the wipes from swipes, establishing

from close-up shots.

But his interstitial disquisitions

on the pros and cons of DVD

and pixel strength and NTSC

became asides that shook my confidence.

Yet nothing paralleled the analog

to digital conversion. A centrifugal

chasm opened up with time codes

and fire wires and media converters.

I lost my way, gave up the chase

but still proofread his English papers,

and yesterday he told me

he met a girl in math and winked.

Jerome L. McElroy