I was born for more

than balance sheets and Quattro Pro.


I see trochee couplets

between my income multipliers.


But there's no facile passageway

between financial values and free verse.


I get lost along the way and ponder

double deficits at end-stopped lines.


When I try to decide an appropriate foot

the effectiveness of monetary policy


intrudes. Whatever my stability, I credit

the ability to disguise from the left


what the right hand is up to.

But pieces of this puzzle fail to fit.


Can market equilibrium be better

understood inside iambic? Is Kubla Khan


accessible in simultaneous equations?

It's embarrassing to mention how much


academic tension this is costing.

Is there tenure for a slight econopoet?


Are lesser stanzas written by those

dreamy seekers bitten by the beauty


of analysis and rhyme, who'd rather straddle

fences than remove or mend or bend them?


Jerome L. McElroy


*Accepted Artword Quarterly (Summer 2001).