Econ Epiphany*


She tries so hard to pierce

the calligraphic function

but the complex income multiplier

slips her grip like quicksilver.


Something in her puzzled brow

registers the fathoms

of distant algebraic

geography between us.


I pry my way inside her eyes

and trace her halting footprints.

A dozen labyrinthine detours later

we cannot issue from the maze intact.


We break and chat of soccer strategy.

Suddenly the sunlight flashes--

the formula transfigured

incarnate on a playbook blackboard


serendipitously floating

in the mystic alchemy

between brain and bone,

and the center forward


manipulates the numbers

with aplomb to my surprise.


            Jerome L. McElroy



*Accepted in Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry (April 2011).