Ed Towle: In Memoriam*


                                                Like an eagle soaring

                                                beyond comfort and convention

                                                no matter wind and sleet

                                                he forged his own flight path

                                                above but never out of sight

                                                a corridor of concern

                                                to save forgotten outcrops

                                                sprayed across the globe.


                                                Despite the daily downdrafts

                                                of corruption and incompetence

                                                and his failing flesh

                                                the arc of his desire

                                                shown in every season

                                                pointing toward the margins

                                                of the human family

                                                with a singleness of purpose.


                                                A beacon for us all he was

                                                an endemic island species.



                                                          Jerome L. McElroy



          *Remembering Ed Towle, Bruce Potter (ed.), p. 10.  Washington, DC: Island Resources Foundation, December 2006.