Passionate Asymmetry*


He can create an original screenplay

according to Hollywood format

but the spell-check bypasses flaws

like “their our” for “there are.”


He can select a reputable cast

and conduct an organized read through

but can’t find his graph calculator

in time for algebra class.


He can spreadsheet a shooting schedule

and scour the county for props

but squanders his time on location

struggling in search for his glasses.


He can set up a two-camera shoot

and direct everything but the weather

but eight plus seven and common division

are glitches that routinely stall his momentum.


He’s a master of cinema technique

steady between close-up and wide

who can cut, fade and dissolve with aplomb

but sometimes forgets how to open his locker.


And now to the piece de resistance–

the analog-digital editing conversion,

a feat in my eyes beyond Darien’s peak

accomplished sans mentor and manual this week.


But Monday the video maker, my son,

has misplaced his shoes for the drive to school

and his pencils for class are gathering dust

in the door well of Dad’s Oldsmobile.



            *Accepted in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

            (December 2005).