Soir Terese of Jesus*


At midnight she awoke

and slipped into a sea

of kaleidoscopic caves of light

like a diver over virgin reefs.


The sounds of earth collapsed

as she drifted down the flashings

sailing past angelic kelp

fields waving her along

falling fathom sluices through

coral caverns gleaming grace

homing toward the golden canyon

where every moment has a name.


There her flesh was motionless

like a blinded doe

until His gaze transfixed her face

and she swooned, rinsed her skin

and felt the glow of Eden heat

welling up inside her breast

suspended like a sparkling feather

stilled in innocence until


sleep returned her to her surface dreams.


                        Jerome L. McElroy



*Accepted in The Penwood Review (Spring 2008).