Michael R. Kramer

Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

103 Moreau Center for the Arts

Saint Mary's College

Department of Communication and Performance Studies

Notre Dame, Indiana 46556



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Communication Studies 103: Introduction to Communication


Communication Studies 302: History and Criticism of Public Address



Communication Studies 308: Persuasion



Communication Studies 370: Political Communication

Saint Mary's College Politcal Communication Weblog



Communication Studies 495: Seminar in Rhetoric and Criticism


Links of Interest:

PresidentialRhetoric.com (Speeches)

American Rhetoric (Speeches)

The Living Room Candidate (Presidential Campaign Commercials)

FactCheck.org (Political fact check site)

The White House Project

Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies

HarpWeek (Political Cartoons from Presidential Elections, 1860-1912)

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index

RefDesk.com (Information site)

Daily Kos (Liberal Blog)

Power Line (Conservative Blog)

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J.D. University of Wisconsin, 1990

M.A. Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1999

Ph.D. Communication Studies, University of Minnesota, 2004


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