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When You Print from the Cluster and Classroom Computers

  1. When you log into a cluster computer, you will see a pop-up window appear informing you of your remaining print quota.
  2. When you print a document, you will see the following window appear:
  3. Confirm that you want to print your document by typing in your Saint Mary's username and password.
  4. You will then see the following window appear:
  5. Read the information on the window carefully, taking note of:
    • the name of the document you are printing
    • the printer you are printing to
    • the number of pages you are printing
    • the amount that your quota will be charged for the printing.

  6. Click the Print button to confirm the job and send it to the printer. The print job will print, and the cost of your print job will be subtracted from your print quota.
  7. Click the Cancel button if you do not wish to print the job as it is presented to you. The print job will not print, and the cost of your print job will not be subtracted from your print quota.
  8. Because you will be confirming your print job with your username and password, you will have the opportunity to review the number of pages you are printing, and you have an opportunity to cancel the print job before it is sent to the printer, refunds to your quota because you printed something unintentionally (PowerPoint slides one to a page, a web page that you thought would fit on a single piece of paper but actually printed out an additional nine blank pages afterward, multiple copies) will NOT be given.

Questions or problems?

    E-mail from your Saint Mary's e-mail account with your questions, concerns, or to report problems. (Due to excessive spam, e-mail sent to PrintLimit from non-Saint Mary's accounts will be deleted by the spam filter.)

Last Modified July 30, 2019