You can register your iPhone (or iPad) on the ResNet network in a few simple steps:

    1. Open the Settings app and tap on Wi-Fi.

    2. Tap on ResNet. (Please note that you must be in a residence hall in in the ResNet Office to complete this step.)

    3. After your iPhone indicates it as connected to the ResNet network, open Safari and open a new page. (You can either visit a new page ( or have a page reload.)

    4. The ResNet registration page should appear. If the page doesn’t appear, try visiting a different website that does not begin with https, such as a local news website ( - secure websites may prevent the required redirect to the registration website in an effort to protect your personal information.

    5. After you complete the registration with your username (the first part of your Saint Mary’s e-mail address) and password (the same password you use to check your Saint Mary’s e-mail), please restart your iPhone.

    6. You should now be successfully connected to ResNet.

    7. You should only need to register your iPhone on the ResNet network once per semester, unless your iPhone's registration is replaced with another device you own.

    As a reminder, the wireless network in the residence halls is named ResNet. In some cases, you may be able to see the BelleAire wireless network from your residence hall room. BelleAire is the wireless network in the academic buildings and other non-residential spaces. For best performance, you should connect to the ResNet wireless network when you are in the residence halls and the BelleAire wireless network when you are in other locations on campus.

    If the instructions above do not help you with registering your iPhone on ResNet, please visit the ResNet Office for assistance.

    In addition to connecting to the ResNet wireless network in the residence halls, here are some additional tips to keep your cellular data usage at a minimum for iPhone below (for iOS 10 and 11), which you may find helpful not only when you encounter wireless access issues, but for long-term management of data usage:

    • Open the Settings app, then tap Cellular. Scroll down to Use Cellular Data For: or Cellular Data section and turn off apps you don't want to run on your data plan (games and streaming video apps would be things to turn off).

    • Avoid streaming audio and video (including Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix) if you're not on a Wi-Fi network.

    • Open the Settings app, tap General, then tap Background App Refresh. Limit the apps that refresh or turn off the feature altogether. Having fewer apps refreshing their content in the background will also preserve the battery life on your iPhone.

    • Open the Settings app, then tap iTunes & App Store. Scroll down and make sure the Use Cellular Data toggle is in the off position to disable automatic downloads when using a cellular network.

    • Close apps you aren't using by double-tapping on the home button. Swipe up on apps you're not using to close them.

    • Open the Settings app, then tap Notifications. Turn off the notifications for apps that you don’t need/want alerts for. (We recommend that your keep the AMBER and Emergency alerts enabled.)

    Please note that ResNet only provides support for iOS devices. You are welcome to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Device Support for additional information.

Last Modified August 4, 2018