What are network drives or server volumes?

    All students, faculty, and staff at Saint Mary's College are provided with 10GB of disk space on our network to save their files.

    This space is accessible from any networked computer on campus, and is commonly referred to as a personal network drive or the H: drive. A student can save a paper she is working on in her room to her network drive; go to a computer cluster; access the paper saved on her network drive; and print it from the laser printers. Network drives eliminate the need to carry files around on disks or flash drives. Also, a backup of all network drives is created every night, which makes it a secure place for your important papers and other files. Saint Mary's College strongly recommends that you save a copy of your work to your network drive.

    You may also need to connect to additional network drives or server volumes to access shared department network space. Instructions for mounting these additional drives can be found on the ResNet FAQ and the Helpdesk FAQ.

    To connect to your H: drive (your personal network drive) for the first time:

    1. Add the Computer icon to your Desktop (if it is not already there).
      1. Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.
      2. Click on Themes in the left column.
      3. Click on Desktop icon settings in the right column.
      4. Check the box next to Computer (if it is not already checked).
      5. Click Apply.
      6. Click OK.
      7. Close the Personalization window.
      8. Close the Personalization Settings window.

    2. Right-click on the This PC icon on your Desktop and select Map Network Drive...
    3. Select H: from the Drive: pop-up menu.
    4. In the Folder: field, type the following:
    5. Make sure that Reconnect at sign-in is checked.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. Type in your Saint Mary's e-mail address (username@saintmarys.edu) and password when prompted.
    8. Do NOT check Remember my credentials.
    9. Click OK.
    10. A window displaying your network drive should appear.
    11. You can find your network drive by double-clicking on the This PC icon on the desktop. The network drives should be listed at the bottom of the window.

    12. With Windows 10, your network drive should automatically mount every time you log in to your computer while on ResNet. Otherwise, you can double-click on the This PC icon on your Desktop and double-click on the network drive you want to access. You may be prompted for your password.

Last Modified July 31, 2022