Make sure the computer is not only just right for you, but also just right for the campus! Download and review our Student's Guide for Bringing a Computer to Saint Mary's College before purchasing a computer to find out what the Saint Mary's College ResNet computer specifications are to be sure your new computer will connect to the network.

    You can find the specific computer models and configurations that ResNet recommends every summer for incoming students by visiting the ResNet website (

    Saint Mary's College also offers the Campus iStore. The Campus iStore was developed by the Department of Information Technology to help students, parents, faculty, and staff select and purchase personal computers and software at educational discount rates from College-approved vendors. The Campus iStore does not carry any computers in stock, we only assist with computer purchasing process to help you make the best decisions for your needs. For more information about the Campus iStore, visit the website at or e-mail

    If you have any questions about purchasing a new computer to connect to ResNet, either during the summer or throughout the academic year, please contact Kathy Hausmann, Associate Director of Technology Support Services, at or ResNet at

Last Modified July 23, 2014