Students are welcome to bring their laptop computers to the ResNet Office (B11 Cushwa-Leighton Library) for assistance.

    The hours for the ResNet Office and ResNet Helpline are posted on the ResNet web site (

    Out of courtesy to the RCCs (ResNet Computer Consultants) working in the office, please bring your computer to the ResNet Office at least one hour before the office is scheduled to close for the day. This will ensure that the RCC has enough time to spend on your computer before the office closes.

    Students who bring their laptop computers to the ResNet Office are expected to stay in the ResNet Office while the RCCs are working on it. RCCs are not permitted to work on a computer without the owner being present.

    We recommend that students bring the power supplies for their laptops and homework or reading material with them to the ResNet Office.

Last Modified July 14, 2021