Here are the simple steps to get a media or gaming device (television, Blu-ray/DVD player, game console) online:

    1. Complete a ResNet Problem Report Form at
    2. For the Request Type, select ResNet registration request for device without a web browser (TV, game console).
      • In the Request Detail Field: The type of device you would like registered, including the brand, model, and what it is (Sony DVD player, Toshiba Blu-ray player, Samsung smart television, Apple TV, etc.).
      • In the MAC Address field: The MAC address of the device you wish to have registered in your request. The MAC address is a 12-character combination of letters and numbers that uniquely identifies your device. It should be identified as such on the device or the packaging. You can refer to the manufacturer's website for how to obtain the MAC address if you are unable to find it clearly labelled. The MAC address (also known as the Ethernet address for a wired connection, WiFi address for a wireless connection) should be in the format 00:00:00:00:00:00. Make sure that you provide the correct MAC address for the type of connection you are requesting for your device - wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi).
      • In the Connection field: The type of connection (wired or wireless) your device will be using.
        • Please use an Ethernet cable for connecting televisions to ResNet.
        • We recommend that you use the wired connection for devices that stream video (including gaming devices) for best performance.

    3. All of the requested information listed above must be provided before your device can be registered on the network.
    4. Please note that this device registration will be counted among your three allowed network registrations on ResNet.
    5. ResNet will register the device in your name and notify you when the registration is complete. Students are limited to three devices registered on the network at a time.

    Please note: Wireless printing is not supported in ResNet. Please use a USB cable to connect your personal printer to your computer. We will not register personal printers on the ResNet network.

Last Modified August 9, 2018