Saint Mary's College has a Microsoft Campus Agreement that allows students to purchase a single copy of:

    • Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
    • Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows
    • Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows
    • Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Edition Upgrade
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Upgrade
    • Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Upgrade (limited quantities available)

    for only $10 each. This software will be available to all students for purchase during the academic year, beginning with orientation weekend in August. This software is not available for purchase over the summer or during breaks.

    Students must make their purchase in person, show a valid Saint Mary's ID card that verifies their eligibility, and sign a license agreement for the software.

    The software will be available through the ResNet Office. The hours for the ResNet Office are posted on the ResNet website at

    Saint Mary's Students are responsible for checking their computer to make sure it is compatible with the software they purchase through the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Students are expected to confirm the compatibity of their own computers before purchasing the Microsoft software.

    Students wishing to upgrade their version of Windows should also refer to their computer's documentation or manufacturer's website to confirm compatibility and the availability of drivers for their computer model. Not all computers can support operating system upgrades.

    There are no refunds, exchanges, or returns for Microsoft Campus Agreement software.

    Prices are subject to change at any time. There are no refunds or exchanges for Microsoft Campus Agreement software purchases.

Last Modified July 24, 2013