There are two ways Saint Mary's students, faculty, and staff can access Prism:

    1. Sign into Prism directly at - you will need to enter your Saint Mary’s ID number (which begins with 98) and Prism PIN.
    2. Sign into the portal - you will need to enter your Saint Mary’s username and password. On the Home tab, in the column labeled "Saint Mary’s Links," you will find an icon that will take you directly to Prism.

    Note: Effective March 15, 2022, the portal is protected by QuickLaunch. Only active students, faculty, and staff have access to QuickLaunch. Alumnae and former employees must to sign into Prism directly for access.

    If you do not remember your Saint Mary’s ID number, it is printed under your picture on your Saint Mary’s ID card.

    To reset your Prism PIN (if you don’t know it, never received it, forgot it, or got locked out of it), please visit and complete the online form. You will need to enter your Saint Mary’s username, password (the same password you use to check your Saint Mary’s e-mail account), and your Saint Mary’s ID number (beginning with 98). A new Prism PIN will then be sent to your Saint Mary's e-mail account.

    If you’re being prevented from accessing Prism for some unknown reason, resetting your PIN usually fixes the issue - even if you’re trying to access Prism via the portal.

    If you are still unable to access Prism, please try a different web browser (Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge) on your computer. Accessing Prism may not be successful from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet), so please make sure you are trying this on a computer.

    You may also need to clear your web browser’s cache if the portal is not successfully loading. Instructions for clearing the cache of most popular web browsers can be found at:

    If problems persist when trying to access Prism, please try using the Incognito mode in Google Chrome to access Prism via the portal. Instructions for using Incognito mode on various types of devices are available at

    Saint Mary's offers "Prism for Parents," which lets you set up Prism access for your parents so they can log in with their own account information. You can find the instructions for "Prism for Parents” at

    For additional information, please refer to the Prism FAQ available at

Last Modified July 31, 2022