ResNet Problem Report Forms are available at during the academic year. These forms can be completed from any networked computer on campus. All requests for assistance that require a ResNet Computer Consultant (RCC) to touch your computer must have a form submitted. You can complete the form prior to your visiting the ResNet Office, or you can complete the form upon your arrival.

    RCCs try to repond to all forms within 24 hours of receiving them. (If the RCCs receive a form over the weekend, it may take 48 hours for them to respond.) RCCs contact students who submit ResNet Problem Report Forms via e-mail, the official form of communication for Saint Mary's College. We will call the cell phone number you provide if the problem you are experiencing prevents you from accessing e-mail on campus. If you submit a form and an RCC contacts you, please respond to her promptly.

    We ask for cell phone numbers on the ResNet Problem Report Forms so we can attempt to contact you that way if we are unable to reach you via e-mail after multiple attempts, or if we are unable to send you an e-mail message because you are over your e-mail quota. RCCs may also attempt to contact you by posting a note on your door.

    If there is a ResNet-wide computer issue, such as a major virus outbreak, the RCCs' resources may be limited and it may take longer to repond to all student requests for assistance. If this is the case, ResNet will try to post instructions on the ResNet web site ( for students to try to protect their computer and/or correct the problem on their own.

    RCCs are Saint Mary's students, and they also enjoy academic breaks. ResNet Problem Report Forms are not responded to during the fall and spring breaks, as well as the midsemester and summer vacations.

    During Orientation Weekend and the first week of classes ResNet receives an overwhelming number of ResNet Problem Report Forms. We address all forms as quickly as possible. We encourage students to visit the ResNet Office when it is open for immediate assistance with their computers.

Last Modified July 27, 2011