Microsoft releases new versions of their software (Windows operating system updates as well as application updates) through Windows Update. Microsoft also releases security updates and patches through Windows Update. Microsoft is committed to have Windows 10 computers update automatically.

    To verify the Windows Update settings on your computer:

    1. From the Start menu, select Settings.
    2. Click on Update & security.
    3. Click on Windows Update in the left column.
    4. Click on Advanced options at the bottom of the right column.
    5. Make sure that Automatic (recommended) is selected.
    6. Click on Choose how updates are delivered at the bottom of the window.
    7. Turn off the ability to get Windows updates from sources other than Microsoft.
    8. We recommend that this setting be turned off to protect you from potential security issues. Also, if you are using a personal (rather than public or school) Internet connection while this setting is enabled, you may be charged for the bandwidth used by this feature to distribute Windows updates from your computers to others.

    9. If prompted, enter your password for the administrator account on your computer and click Yes.
    10. Click on the small arrow in the upper left corner of the Settings window to go back to the Advanced Options.
    11. Click on the small arrow in the upper left corner of the Settings window to go back to the Windows Update.
    12. In the Windows Update window, click Check for updates to make sure your computer has the most current operating system and security patches available. There may or may not be updates available for your computer. If there are updates, click on Install now to install them.
    13. Restart your computer if prompted, or close the Windows Update window when the updates, if any, have been installed.

    Automatic updating ensures that your computer has the latest software available for Windows, protecting it from potential security issues. Updates are automatically downloaded in the background when you are online and should not interfere with your computer use. If you disconnect from the network, the updates will resume downloading the next time you go online.

Last Modified August 5, 2015