Microsoft releases new versions of their software (Windows operating system updates as well as application updates) through Windows Update. Microsoft also releases security updates and patches through Windows Update. Microsoft is committed to have Windows 11 computers update automatically.

    To verify the Windows Update settings on your computer:

    1. From the Start menu, select Settings.
    2. Click on Windows Update in the left column.
    3. Click on Advanced options in the center column.
    4. Saint Mary’s recommends that Receive updates for other Microsoft products is turned ON. This will include updates for installed Microsoft Office software as well as your operating system.
    5. Saint Mary’s recommends that Get me up to date is turned OFF. If this option is turned on, Windows can restart your computer immediately after installing updates, giving you only 15 minutes notice before an upcoming restart - a potentially very bad option during classes and exams.
    6. Saint Mary’s recommends that Download updates over metered connections is turned OFF. This option prevents large Windows updates from downloading when you have limited data. You do not have data limits in place while using BelleNet at Saint Mary's College, but having this setting enabled on your computer could be problematic when you're off campus and using a hotspot for a connection.
    7. Saint Mary’s recommends that Notify me when a restart is required to finish updating is turned ON. This will notify you that your computer will need to be restarted to complete the updates that were installed.
    8. Saint Mary’s recommends that you review and update the Active Hours so it is set to match your schedule. Most Saint Mary's students are relying on their computer before classes start for the day (7:00am) through the time they go to bed each night (midnight or later).
    9. Saint Mary’s recommends that Optional updates be reviewed, and install the updates available for your computer that may be necessary (such as drivers).

    10. Saint Mary’s recommends that Optional updates be reviewed, and install the updates available for your computer that may be necessary (such as drivers).

    11. Saint Mary’s recommends that Delivery Optimization be clicked on, and make sure that Allow downloads from other PCs is turned OFF. You do not want your computer to obtain Windows updates from sources other than Microsoft, nor distribute Windows updates to other computers on the network.
    12. Click on the small arrow in the upper left corner of the Advanced options window to go back to the Windows Update settings.
    13. In the Windows Update window, click Check for updates to make sure your computer has the most current operating system and security patches available. There may or may not be updates available for your computer. If there are updates, click on Install now to install them.
    14. Restart your computer if prompted, or close the Windows Update window when the updates, if any, have been installed.

    Automatic updating ensures that your computer has the latest software available for Windows, protecting it from potential security issues. Updates are automatically downloaded in the background when you are online and should not interfere with your computer use. If you disconnect from the network, the updates will resume downloading the next time you go online.

Last Modified July 31, 2022