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What is ResNet?

    Technology resources have become an integral part of higher education, and students at Saint Mary’s College have access to a wide variety of technology resources and support. ResNet refers to both the campus network in the residence halls at Saint Mary’s College and the team that supports it. ResNet support is available to assist any student who requests our help with technology during the academic year, including the setup of wired and wireless network connections, removing viruses and other malware, and using Google Apps for Education.

    ResNet at Saint Mary's College provides:

    • A personal 100Mbps wired network and Internet connection for every student living in the residence halls
    • 802.11n/ac wireless network and Internet access in all of the residence halls.
    • Detailed instructions for connecting to the campus network
    • Free virus protection software for your personal computer (McAfee VirusScan for Windows and McAfee Security for Mac OS X).
    • ResNet Computer Consultants (RCCs) who are available to assist with connecting your computer to the network and other basic technology questions. RCCs will also assist students with the removal of malware infecting their computers.
    • The ResNet Office and the ResNet Helpline, which are staffed in the afternoons and evenings by ResNet Computer Consultants (RCCs) six days a week for immediate troubleshooting assistance. No appointments are necessary.

    Saint Mary's College and Information Technology also provide students with:

    • A Saint Mary's e-mail account that is accessible from any computer (and many mobile devices) with access to the Internet.
    • Google Apps for Education for communication and collaboration tools, with unlimited cloud storage for e-mail, Google Drive, and Google photos.
    • Disk space on our network (referred to as a "personal network drive"), where students can save their files. This space is accessible from any networked computer on campus, eliminating the need to carry flash drives or other media across campus from computer to computer. This network space is also backed up by Information Technology every night, which makes it a secure place for important papers and other files.
    • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for Students licenses provided for free to our students. Office 365 ProPlus offers full versions of current Microsoft Office software to be downloaded and installed on students' personally-owned computers and mobile devices. Our Microsoft Campus Agreement also allows students to purchase select Microsoft Windows upgrades for $10.
    • Wireless network and Internet access in all of our academic buildings.
    • Over 300 computers in our campus computer clusters - areas with networked Mac and Windows computers that have many popular and course-specific software packages installed on them. Any Saint Mary's student can use the computers in the clusters, and there are clusters available in the library, classroom buildings, and each residence hall. Many of these computers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even if they own a personal computer, students will often work in the computer clusters because of the software and hardware available. The clusters also provide a study space away from the distractions of a residence hall room.

    Saint Mary's College expects all students to respect copyright and licensing restrictions on software and other digital media (including music and video files). Saint Mary's College must take appropriate action under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 if it receives notice of copyright infringement. A notice of infringement could be a notice from a record or film industry representative that a copyrighted work is being downloaded or distributed without the permission of the copyright owner. If a notice is received regarding a student's personal computer, the College will immediately terminate her ResNet network access and Student Affairs will contact her for further action. Students visiting the ResNet Office for assistance with their personal computers that have file sharing software installed will have it removed before technical support is provided.

    Information regarding the proper use of computing resources at Saint Mary's College can be found in the College's Acceptable Use Policy, as well as Information Technology's complete policy document, available from the Information Technology web site ( Policies specific to ResNet or the Computer Clusters and Classrooms will also be posted on the appropriate ResNet ( or Computer Clusters and Classrooms ( web pages. Inappropriate use of computing resources will be evaluated by the Chief Information Officer or his/her designee and may lead to may result in a loss of computing privileges or other disciplinary action.

    Questions regarding student computing should be directed to the Associate Director of Technology Support Services in the Department of Information Technology, 113 Haggar Hall,

    Last Modified July 29, 2015