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Personal Web Site Publishing

Saint Mary's College provides every user the ability to establish a presence on the worldwide web.

To create a personal web site, place your content in the WWW folder in your home directory on fs1 (your home directory is typically mounted as the H: drive on Windows or as a drive on your desktop with your username on Mac OS X).

You must "publish" your web site in order for it to be visible to the Internet. Once you publish your web site, anything you place in your WWW folder will be visible to the Internet.

Use this form to publish your web site.

NOTE: You must agree to the Policy on the Responsible Use of College Web Resources by clicking the check box and typing your username and password as indicated. Your username and password will serve as your digital signature.

  2. Publish
I agree to the Policy on the Responsible Use of College Web Resources.
Checking this box indicates that you have read and agree to the policy.

Web Site Publishing Tips

Personal Web Site Publishing

Site Published

Your personal web site has been published at the following URL:


If you wish to change the status of this site, please use the Web Publishing Utility again.

Web Site Publishing Tips

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