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The mathematical content of this course is a study of certain mathematical theories and procedures used in the allocation of scarce resources [optimization]. It is designed to help you understand and develop deterministic mathematical models, the assumptions underlying these models, and the results obtained from using the modeling techniques. You will be using the computer for analysis and for presentation of your work. Other presentations of the material can often be found in texts with titles such as "Linear Programming", "Operations Research", "Optimization", and "Management Science".

Significant non-mathematical contents of the course include explicit awareness of learning and problem-solving skills, the development of independent learning skills, and working in project groups. By the end of the course, you should be able to learn faster than you do now. You will be conscious of and able to assess your level of the learning skills for life listed in the attached taxonomy of process education. We will use cooperative group learning, discovery learning, applied critical thinking, problem solving, and self assessment in each class and lab. You will also be expected to keep a learning journal to help you assess your progress.


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For dates course requirements etc. see the current/most recent syllabus

For the first day of class:

Print the syllabus,and Activity 1 and Activity 1B (to bring to class) These documents will be available through the Blackboard site
Read (quickly) the information on learning skills at
Fill in and bring to class the form "Establishing Personal Goals" attached to Activity 1

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