Assuming that you configured your computer according to ResNet's Purple Packet (connection instructions), your computer should automatically check for Important and Recommended updates daily when an Internet connection is available.

    Instructions for configuring your computer to automtically download and install security and software updates can also be found here.

    Many of the recent security problems in Microsoft's Windows operating system have been received major media attention. If a major security update is released while classes are not in session, you will probably hear about it on your favorite local or national news outlets.

    Depending on the severity of the security problem, you may also be notified via e-mail by ResNet with information on how to patch or protect your computer from the vulnerability.

    To manually update your computer with the latest Microsoft software updates:

    1. Visit using the Internet Explorer web browser. (The icon for Internet Explorer usually looks like a blue e.)
    2. Your computer should automatically be scanned by Microsoft to verify WIndows Update eligibility (that you have a legally licensed copy of Microsoft Windows).
    3. Click Express to get high-priority updates.

    4. When Windows Update finds updates to install, click on the button to Install Updates.
    5. Click I Accept to any license agreements presented.
    6. Please be patient while your computer downloads and installs the patches. Depending on your system and the number of patches needing to be installed, the updates may take a while.
    7. When the installation of the critical and important updates is complete, please restart your computer.

Last Modified July 23, 2014