The Animated Chalkboard-2019

This is an entirely new format for these short instructional animations. Most of the former animations as run in the original True Basic programs have been converted to animated GIFs. These are supplied in two formats. The raw GIF files are included in the downloads, but the primary format is that each of the animations have been imbedded in a PowerPoint SHOW along with an appropriate mini-lesson. These self-running shows (PowerPoint not needed) should run on both Mac and Windows machines. If you have PowerPoint available, you can modify these files or you can use the raw GIF files to prepare your own lessons. The collections of these PowerPoint Shows make for large downloads so I have divided up the content into 2 download files for MOTION and SPECIAL RELATIVITY, one file for ENERGY and THERMO, and one for OPTICS. The previous E&M set were mostly interactive and the big drawback of the GIF format is that these are basically film strips and interaction is not possible. However, the fact that these can be used both in Windows and on the Mac and that the problems with screen resolutions that have risen with newer versions of Windows are eliminated makes this switch over desirable.


SHORT DESCRIPTIONS OF EACH OF THE ANIMATIONS Not all of these are in the new sets, but most are. I will update this file when I get a chance.