Below are links for the Visual Guides and Maplets for the book Exploratory Examples for Real Analysis. The Visual Guides are Maple worksheets, which contain all the code needed for the relelvant exercise. These worksheets can be thought of as templates, which the student can modify as needed to work through the exercise. Text is used in the Visual Guides to explain the purpose of each part of the code. Alternately, for exercises 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, there are Maplets which can be used. To use these, a student simply executes the entire worksheet. A sequence of windows appear and the student enters the required information much as they use a calculator. Click on the appropriate line to save a worksheet to your account. Open Maple and then open the worksheet.

If an instructor is using the book for a course, and copies have been ordered through their bookstore, he/she can easily get a copy of the solutions manual. Instructors may call the service center for a solutions manual. Alternately, instructors may write to request a copy manual. The request must be on departmental letterhead. and the instructor must give the MAA the name of the course and the enrollment numbers for the course. The address and phone numbers are below:

The MAA Service Center
P.O. Box 91112
Washington, DC 20090-1112
(800) 331-1622
(301) 617-7800
(301) 206-9789 - FAX

Visual Guides

Visual Guide for Lab 3
Visual Guide for Labs 4 and 5
Visual Guide for Lab 6
Visual Guide for Lab 7
Visual Guide for Lab 9
Visual Guide for Lab 10
Visual Guide for Lab 12


Maplet for Labs 3, 4, and 5
Maplet for Lab 6
Maplet for Labs 7
Maplet for Labs 9
Maplet for Labs 10
Maplet for Labs 12

Report Guides

These are pdf files.

Report Guide for Lab 1
Report Guide for Lab 2
Report Guide for Lab 3
Report Guide for Lab 4
Report Guide for Lab 5
Report Guide for Lab 6
Report Guide for Lab 7
Report Guide for Lab 8
Report Guide for Lab 9
Report Guide for Lab 10
Report Guide for Lab 11
Report Guide for Lab 12