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This is a list of the most common questions that the Cluster Consultants in the Trumper Computer Cluster receive throughout the academic year. Many of these questions have solutions that students can easily follow to quickly correct their computer problems. Click on the question for the answer.

  • Saint Mary's College uses Google Apps for Education for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and other communication and collaboration tools. For information about Google Apps for Education at Saint Mary's College, please visit


  1. Cluster Policies: Are food and drink permitted in the clusters, including Trumper?
  2. Cluster Policies: May our group have a meeting in Trumper, or reserve Trumper for an activity?

  3. Phishing: I received an e-mail asking for my password and other personal information. Is this legitimate, or is it a phishing scam?

  4. Passwords: How do I create a secure password for my e-mail account, personal computer, bank account, or other purpose?

  5. Prism: I am having problems logging into Prism. How can I get my password reset?
  6. Prism: Frequently Asked Questions about Prism

  7. Saving Data: Do you have any recommendations for me to save my work and decrease the chance of losing data (including papers, projects, and my Senior Comp)?

  8. Printing: What is PrintLimit?
  9. Printing: What features are available on the printers in the classrooms and clusters on campus?
  10. Printing: I have a document I would like to scan and e-mail to someone. How do I do that?
  11. Printing: How do I print double-sided on the HP LaserJet printers in Trumper?
  12. Printing: How do I print multiple slides per page in PowerPoint?
  13. Printing: How do I print just the pages I need and not an entire document?
  14. Printing: What is "Print Preview" and how can I use it to reduce the amount I am printing?
  15. Printing: How can I easily view exactly what my document will look like before I print it?
  16. Printing: How can I save my document as a PDF?
  17. Printing: How do I print multiple pages on a single side of a sheet of paper?
  18. Printing: How do I print to the printers in the Trumper Computer Center from my personally-owned computer/tablet/smartphone?

  19. All of the documentation for Google Workspace for Education can be found at

  20. Google Mail: Where can I go to find out information about Google Mail and how to use its features?
  21. Google Workspace for Education: Where can I go to find out information about Google Workspace for Education and how to use its features?
  22. E-mail: I have a document I would like to scan and e-mail to someone. Is this possible?
  23. E-mail: I would like to forward my Saint Mary's e-mail to another account. How do I do that?

  24. Network Drives: How do I check my network disk quota? I'm getting errors that my network drive has no space left.

  25. Web browsing: I am having problems getting a specific web page to load (or any web page to load). Do you have any suggestions?

  26. Software: What software is installed on the computers in the classrooms and clusters, and is it different from the software I may have installed on my personal computer?

  27. Other: Do you have suggestions on what to look for or where to purchase a new computer?

Last Modified July 30, 2023