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Certification for Visual Arts, Grades P–12 (39 hours) : Students pursuing a BA degree, Major in Art, Concentration in Studio Art, can complete requirements in Education to teach art in grades P-12.

Offered in conjunction with the Department of Education, students are prepared to be licensed to teach art in Pre-K through 12th grade (P-12). Critical experience in the classroom and in curriculum understanding, development, and planning prepares our students to open up the world of visual arts to elementary and high school students.

In addition to the requirements for the BA, Major in Art, Concentration in Studio Art, the following are required for art education certification:

EDUC 201 Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society

EDUC 220 Applied Media and Instructional Technology

EDUC 230 Educational Psychology: Foundations of Special Education in Elementary/Middle School or
EDUC 356 Educational Psychology: Educating Exceptional Learners in Middle/High School

EDUC 240 General/Special Education Partnerships in Elementary/Middle School EDUC 345 Curriculum and Assessment in the Middle/High School

EDUC 350 Educational Psychology: Human Growth and Development of the Middle/High School Student

EDUC 352 Educational Psychology: Human Growth and Development from Pre-School/Elementary/Middle School Student

EDUC 476 Student Teaching in the Elementary, Middle, and High School

ART 402 Teaching Art in the Elementary and Middle School

ART 403 Teaching Art in the High School