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Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art, Concentration in Art History (42 credit hours):

As a Saint Mary's art major concentrating in Art History, you will explore the historical development of Western and Non-Western art and architecture from Prehistoric time to the present. You will study works of art in their cultural contexts in order to gain an understanding of the purpose, meaning, and significance of works of art to those who made, used, and viewed them.

Major Core Requirements:

Art History Survey I and II (ART 241 and ART 242) or
Italian Art History I and II taken in Rome (ART 251RM and 252RM)
Drawing I or II (ART 101 or ART 102)
2D or 3D Design (ART 103 or ART 104)
Intro to Digital Photo (ART 223)
Art History Methods (ART 485)

Major Elective Requirements:

Five additional upper-level art history courses from at least two of the following areas:

Nineteenth/Twentieth Century

Six additional elective courses in either studio art or art history

Senior Comprehensive requirement

Advanced W portfolio

Please take note that there are additional general education requirements that make up the full BA degree. Additional information about the full requirements can be found in the Art Majors Handbook and the Saint Mary's College Bulletin.