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For comprehensive information about policies and procedures for the art student (major or minor), download the Art Majors Handbook. For help advising, download the Advising Guide for Majors and Minors. You can pick up copies of the Handbook and Advising Guide in the Department of Art Office, located at 226 Moreau. Below you'll find general FAQs for the Art major or minor.

Course and Studio information:

Art Major's Handbook

Advising Guide--includes a list of Sophia Program certified art courses (as of Fall 2013)!

Woodshop & Metalshop Handbook

What's this Portfolio Review thing I keep hearing about?

Portfolio Reviews of all students' work are held once each semester. At that time, the faculty of the Department review the work completed since your previous Portfolio Review and make a general assessment of your ongoing progress in the program. You are required to display your work and participate in Portfolio Reviews if you are a major or studio minor in the Department of Art. Failure to participate could lead to probationary status in the department. Those art majors not currently enrolled in a studio course or attending a study abroad program are exempted.

During Portfolio Reviews, the faculty discuss the work displayed. Such discussion may focus on one work, relationships within a group of works, or expand to touch on issues which broadly relate to art. The faculty believe that the Portfolio Review provides an important opportunity for interaction and encourages art majors, and non-majors as well, to attend as many of these sessions, in addition to your own review, as possible. Studio art classes are cancelled the days of Portfolio Reviews.

Typically two weeks prior to reviews, the Gallery Director will schedule an orientation presentation aimed towards students new to the Portfolio Review process. Check the News section of the homepage for up-to-date information when and where this orientation meeting will take place.

For more information, check out the Art Majors Handbook.

What's this Senior Comp thing I keep hearing about?

As a senior, Art majors are required to create an individual body of work intended to exhibit her personal direction as an artist/art historian. For the Studio Art major, the Senior Comprehensive Exhibition/Project entails creating a body of work in her area of emphasis; the art history comprehensive is a research paper demonstrating conceptual originality and appropriate methodology.

A Brief Moment in the History of the Senior Comprehensive Project:

1) Obtain related research in area of emphasis, start early!

2) Create written proposal and a visual example.

3) Proposal formerly presented to Art Department faculty.

4) Ask two faculty members to act as project advisors (you'll meet with them throughout the semester for individual critiques on your progress).

5) Work on body of artwork through course of the semester(s).

5) Install and formally exhibit your work in Moreau Art Galleries.

6) Celebrate your success at your opening reception!

This is of course a highly, highly abridged version of the experience of the Senior Comprehensive Project. Details about Senior Comprehensive Project Procedures can be found guessed it... the Art Major's Handbook.

What's an Advanced W?

This program fosters continuing growth in writing skills in art-related areas and develops proficiencies that are important for maintaining a career in art. The "Advanced W" is a College degree requirement. As an art major, you will compile a portfolio of four writing samples drawn from assignments given in your art courses throughout your career at Saint Mary's as well as from a number of independent options. You are encouraged to consult your advisor about the appropriateness of independent samples. For more information about accepted independent options for papers, and specific procedures for turning in your Advanced W Portolio, please consult your Art Major's Handbook.

I want an internship to test out my sweet art and design skills in the field! How can I find one?

Art majors may earn credit for internships served in art museums or other art and design-related businesses or institutions. Internships can provide an important opportunity to gain "real world" experience in your chosen field. Individual department faculty and the Career Crossings Office can be consulted for internship information.

Internships should be carefully designed and approved prior to the semester that work is to begin. Internship proposal forms are available in the Art Department Office and need to be approved and signed by your faculty coordinator, department chair and field supervisor. At the completion of the internship, field supervisors must submit a letter of evaluation to the Art Department.

The student intern must work four hours per week for each credit hour earned. Internships can be for variable hours but, cannot exceed 6 total credit hours of your entire program. Students cannot exceed a maximum of 9 total combined credit hours in internships and independent study for their degree program.

Recent students have completed internships with The South Bend Museum of Art (curatorial and education interns), Lill Street Gallery (Chicago), ARC Gallery (Chicago), Target Corporation (advertising intern), New York Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, MTV Networks and with art therapists, graphic design and advertising firms and other art museums and galleries.

I need an advisor! Who do I contact?

Contact our fabulous Staff Assistant Mary Klemczewski to be assigned an advisor.